Healing Ceiling Submission, Veteran’s Affairs Hospice, Durham NC

Two ceiling tiles to be a part of Healing Ceilings at the Veterans Hospital Hospice Unit in Durham NC. So happy to think and pray over these; that they may bring a source of comfort, peace and hope to our loved and valued American Veterans in hospice care. I am so tired of the negativity that our military veterans and current soldiers sometimes face (who lay their lives on the line for our freedom). This is just a small way I can show my support and care for these special people. I look forward to doing more with Healing Ceilings.

Author: Sandra Lett

Sandra has worked with acrylics for over 20 years. A self-taught artist, she enjoyed a successful decorative art business and has transitioned to painting on canvas. She chooses to embrace love, a passion for color and a perspective of positive energy through her artwork. She uses art as her therapy and she yearns to inspire you in a similar way. She enjoys realism, a whimsical style, or the pure freedom of an abstract or acrylic pour. Art gives her reason to pause and dip her toes in the luxuriousness of color, to feel the silky stroke of the brush, and to submerge herself in that beautiful, colorful plane of the imagination; where she forgets about reality and bathes herself in an other-worldly existence. She will take you there….