Sandra Lett – Artist Statement and CV

Sandra Lett Trumpfheller, Artist
Sandra Lett Trumpfheller, Artist

Born: Charlotte, NC. 1963    She currently resides outside of Fayetteville, NC.  Sandra is a self taught artist who use acrylics as her choice of medium.   As a child, she sat in the lap of her grandfather and watched him paint.  Her love for art was born from those intimate times, and she desires to include you in her love of this.  She takes pride in her accomplishments through the years that God graciously bestowed on her.  She has enjoyed a successful decorative art business for over 18 years with an extensive library of photos and many longtime clients who have fallen in love with her and her art.  It is her passion to bring light, color and joy to you, through her eyes and imagination, by painting onto canvas those things that are beautiful in God’s creation and beyond!  She especially loves sharing a joyful inspiration that may, in some way, heal your heart and spirit!  She chooses to create art that is uplifting and brings hope into a sometimes harsh world we all commune in.

Some of her accomplishments:

2017  Artwork shown in HGTV Lakefront Bargain Hunt Episode 412 in July
2017  Blink Art July Curator’s Picks, BLINK ADC, Cincinnati, OH
2017  Summit Success BLINK Art Exhibit 25th Anniversary, Cincinnati, OH
2017  Public Works Exhibition, Fayetteville, NC
2017  Bless Your Art Exhibition, Enfield, NC
2017  BLINK Artist, Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati, OH
2017  New Beginnings Exhibition Award of Merit, Manhattan Arts International, Manhattan, NY
2017  Green Chair Project Exhibition Artists Loft, Wake Forest, NC
2016-17  Member of Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS
2014  Public Works Exhibition, Fayetteville, NC
2012  Solo Exhibition, Bel Air Artisans Center, Rocky Mount, NC
1994  Student Exhibition Award Recipient CPCC, Charlotte, NC




Feel free to contact her online:    or    (252)452-0269



Sandra Lett (Trumpfheller)