I care a lot about people and my surroundings. Being an artist is at the heart of my soul. It has been my passion for several decades. Art chose me … brushing each stroke of paint onto canvas is therapeutic and healing for me. Art can change my attitude in an instant. I love what I do and love the outcome of what can be created with my hands. I want to move my viewer in a way that transforms their day or mood into something positive and inspiring.

As a child, I sat on my grandfather’s lap and watched him paint. This piqued my interest; and my love for art blossomed from those intimate memories. I credit God for the talent that I am blessed with and I love to share this with others. I am self-taught and have enjoyed a successful decorative art business for almost 20 years. I transitioned to painting on canvas several years ago when I relocated outside of Fayetteville, NC.

I choose to embrace a passion for color, love, and positive energy through my artwork. Art is therapeutic and inspirational to me and many others. I feel that color and the beauty of nature speak a deep and uplifting language. I enjoy multiple styles of art, be it realism, a whimsical style or the pure freedom of an abstract or acrylic pour. Art gives me reason to pause and dip my toes in the luxuriousness of color, to feel the silky stroke of the brush, and to submerge myself in that beautiful, colorful plane of the imagination; where I forget about reality and bathe myself in something other-worldly. Come away with me….


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